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Mr Abdullah Bin Salim

Country :                      Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Treatment received :    Laser Gum surgery, Root Canal treatment
Testimonial :            Actually from First day, all the doctors of this clinic, have full hospitality. Then I started my treatment with Dr. Kirpa. Really he is a great doctor. Treatment doesn't couse pain. All is well.. Thanks to him. Best regards and thanks again..

Mr R. Saraswathan

My wife was suffering from Gum problems, which resulted in receding and weakening of the gums. She had lost most of her teeth due to lack fo strong gums needed to hold them. My son did some research and located the Dentists in Brigade Road, Dr. BS Johar and Dr. Kirpa Johar, a team of great dental surgeons.

The treatment was quite an exhaustive one with the procedure spanning over two months using painless Laser Technology, with intermittent sittings to suit our convenience and easy paced. A postgraduate in Laser Dentistry from Vienna, Dr. Kirpa Johar is one of the pioneers in the field of Laser Dentistry in India. Due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment, faster recovery time and less post-operative discomfort the sessions were virtually painless and comfortable. During the treatment, the patience and dexterity shown by Dr. Kirpa Johar, without rushing the procedure at any point of time, was really commendable and very well appreciated by my wife. She was happy with the treatment and would gladly recommended her friends to the Johars Laser and Cosmetic Dental Clinic. They have a good team of assistants who also perform some of the procedures and lend a helping hand to them.

Located at the prime location FF3, 137, Business Point, near Brigade Towers on Brigade Road, the ambience and doctor of the clinic was very neat and comforting.

MS Shweta Gaba

"The man with a toothache thinks everyone who's happy are those whose teeth are sound." -George Bernard Shaw, but after visiting Dr Johar's Laser Dental Clinic all I can say is the pain is cured in no time,and happiness restored again! Whenever I use to think about visiting a dentist,I used to develop cold feet!and the thought about the sound of the dentist's drill made it worse.But,after coming here,at Dr Johar's Laser Dental Clinic,my whole perception about Dentists has changed!the hospitable atmospheret,completely hygienic environment with cleanliness at it's best!

At first I was reluctant about laser dentistry,as I haven't heard about it before as its first introduced by Dr Johar's Laser Dental Clinic in Bangalore,but after knowing about DrKirpa Johar research at Laser Dentistry Research and Review (L.D.R.R) and when everything was explained to me by Dr.Kirpa Johar and his team,I was relieved.The sound of the drill was not in the picture at all!my root canal was cured completely with hardly any pain,and the most suprising element was,it was all done without even touching the tooth through laser!:)all thanks to Dr Johar's Laser Dental Clinic and Dr.Kirpa Johar!Now going to the dentist is no more frightening.:)

Mr Ravi, Bangalore

Great Technology. Very comfortable treatment and great improvement too // Laser Gum Surgery.

MS Nida Nayeem, Bangalore

I was suffering from Periodontisis. Dr.Kirpa Johar has done an "Excellent Job". His Laser Surgery is awesome.

Mr Vijay Bharath. J, CA, USA

Highly Recommend Laser Gum Surgery. Easy and Painless. Very Professional and Responsible. Pleasing and Caring. Great experience. Highly Suggested. My family and friends are already getting treated at Johars.

MS C.S. Sowmia

After this Lazer treatment, I don't get any bleeding in my Gums.

Mr Mohammed Ali, Bangalore

Amazing treatment by the Professionals. Laser Surgery was precise and 4 crowns fitted well 1st time accurate measurements. 5

Mr D. Mayur, Bangalore

I was Looking for a laser dentist whom of could TRUST upon and after undergird the procedure, of can recommend Dr. Kirpa Johar to anyone who is also looking for Laser Treatment without any hesitation. Thanks you Sir and BEST OF LUCK.

MS Asha Arivind, Bangalore

Procedure : Laser Dental Whitening.
The Doctors were great not just putting me at ease but also in giving the result they promised. Felt great after wards. - Good X'Mas present for myself - am Def. Smiling!!

Dr. Johar With Mr. and Mrs.Saraswathan