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Personalised family dentistry and advanced laser dentistry by internationally renowned laser dentistry expert
Dr Kirpa Johar.

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A Welcome Note

At Dentistry by Dr Kripa Johar, we strive to restore and maintain smiles.
we like to achieve this by understanding our patient's needs and desires and work around that. We also focus on Preventive dentistry with the aim to avoid the need for invasive treatment in the future.

We believe that the foundation to good dentistry is based on

  • Trust- The relationship between doctor and patient
  • Compassion-That each patient deserves a caring and understanding approach based on the patient's needs
  • Technology-Modern technology simplifies dentistry, hard tissue lasers for non contact cavity cutting or soft tissue lasers for advanced surgical and periodontal procedures
  • Competence- On part of the doctor to carry out each procedure to the best of his abilities keeping the patient's best interest in mind.

A dentist for life and the perfect smile to use with confidence is our endeavour. Holistic dentistry for you and your entire family is our goal !

Dr Kirpa Johar.
Family Dentistry & Advanced Laser Dentistry

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India's Leading Super Speciality Laser Dental Clinic Specialized Treatment in

  • Non-surgical laser gum / periodontal treatment
  • Laser teeth whitening
  • Laser cavity preparation - Er - YAG laser
  • Laser assisted cosmetic dentistry/smile designing
  • Laser assisted non-invasive, minor oral surgery
  • Low level laser assisted oral and facial pain management
  • Root canal treatment, crown and bridges